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Forest Hill announces the arrival of Straight Egyptian stallion Jadaan Al Shaqab , on lease, from Al
Shaqab Stud in Qatar, one of the world’s greatest Arabian breeding farms.

Jadaan Al Shaqab’s extreme type, charisma and exceptional movement inherited from both sides
of his International champion pedigree have been passed onto his first foals born in Qatar and Saudi
Arabia. At his only exhibition Jadaan Al Shaqab was named the 2011 Gold Champion Stallion at the Qatar
International Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Show.

His sire, Ashhal Al Rayyan (Safir x Ansata Majesta), is an International Champion Stallion and the sire
of champions, at the highest level, around the world. Torfa Al Shaqab (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Aliah Al Shaqab),
Jadaan’s dam, traces in tail female to the renowned Babolna bred mare, Pharrah (Farag x 9 Tamria).

Al Adeed Al Shaqab has won titles on three continents with the crowning achievement being named
2003 World Champion Stallion in Paris. Forest Hill is home to another Qatari import Laheeb Al Rayyan
(Ansata Hejazi x Ansata Selket)


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